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Gucci Bags Outlet Online Store Offer Gucci Handbags,Gucci Sunglasses Free Shipping

Italian leather craftsmen Mr. O. Gucci Bags Outlet was founded in 1921, Gucci brand. 1938 Mr. Gucci in Florence, Italy Via Condotti opened the first Gucci stores , began his fashion dominance . Like most international brands ,  Cheap Gucci Bags also like to thank the rise of the star effect . Hollywood stars of the 1960s were repeatedly photographed by Gucci (Gucci) handbags , indirectly Gucci (Gucci) were propaganda. Among fans of the famous Hollywood stars including Audrey Hepburn and the then U.S. first lady Jacqueline Kennedy (Jackie Kennedy). Since Jacqueline Kennedy often used Cheap Gucci handbags, this section Gucci (Gucci) handbags has become known as "Jackie" name. Gucci (Gucci) the most glorious period can be said by Tom Ford (Tom Ford) in 1994 and served as creative director of Gucci day . Tom Ford has been described as the most talented contemporary fashion designers in the fashion industry enjoys a high prestige and power , limelight without the two . He also changed the Gucci (Gucci) in the 1980s by authorized multiple small production caused by Gucci (Gucci) brand quality degradation of the negative image , 180 ° reversing Gucci (Gucci) on the verge of bankruptcy predicament , so that Gucci (Gucci) brand became important fashion 1990s big . Tom Ford innovative use of high- tech fabrics designed to Gucci (Gucci) fashion, leading the fashion industry a new direction for the fabric requirements. Tom Ford on several occasions during the job to lead the fashion trends, so that Gucci (Gucci) and fashion equate . 95 years as Cheap Gucci Sunglasses autumn and winter fashion show, supermodel Kate Moss in the T stage to a Gucci (Gucci) velvet low waist pants and silk shirt , costume thick black eyeliner look, quickly became an international star celebrity imitation. And Tom Ford in April 2004 announced his resignation , the message hit the entire fashion industry , when some believed that Gucci (Gucci) dynasty came to an end . And instead of the designer Tom Ford Alessandra Facchinetti, it is designed in only two seasons winter clothing after the completion of 05 works , it is gone. Fortunately , Gucci (Gucci) to find suitable candidates for restructuring dominance , Mark Lee was promoted to CEO, invited the Italian female designer Frida Jana Ni (Frida Giannini) is responsible for women's and accessories design , and men are invited John Ray ( John Ray) surgeon. John Ray (John Ray) and Frida Jana Ni (Frida Giannini) took over as the new season Gucci Outlet Online men's, women work outside much appreciated. And Frida Jana Ni (Frida Giannini) for the 2005 Gucci (Gucci) autumn and winter designed by La Pelle Guccissima leather products, in order to reshape the concept of luxury Gucci (Gucci) are two classic brand identity ─ " double G" and "Horsebit" pattern , and in the 1950s and 1960s -themed designs for Gucci (Gucci) since Tom Ford brought the biggest surprise resignation . Frida Jana Ni (Frida Giannini) in the 2006 spring and summer re-launch of Lavender Guccissima series , get warm appreciation fashion media industry. Although Gucci Unisex design or lingering shadow of Tom Ford , but they can be considered successfully led out of the Tom Ford of Gucci shadow prove Gucci Outlet dynasty continues. However , whether such as Gucci Group (Gucci Group) Chairman Robert Polet threatened to seven years to develop the business in the fashion industry to No.1, it remains to be seen , oh ! September 16, 2008 , Mark Lee , president of original departure GUCCI , GUCCI Group announced Patrizio Di Marco GUCCI for the incumbent president . GUCCI Gucci logo design just as its merchandise, luxury and elegance. Golden color and design forms to bring the feeling of impeccable demonstrated its corporate temperament, although such luxuries always make a lot of people stay away , but in the hearts of the people left a good impression. Gucci brand logo and a harmonious overall pattern beneath the logo design reflects the core of the whole , a good logo design can put a company onto a higher angle , and Gucci logo on the show on a higher level, a lot of people want to close level. Gorgeous design sense of the whole enterprise Gucci logo design even more glory in the design of many brands , but also adds its corporate momentum.
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