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AIR FOAMPOSITE ONE has a hook that bubble pro, for the following reasons Cheap FOAMPOSITE for sale in the body, we can see that technology was the world's most high-end footwear products : improved over the ZOOM AIR and carbon plate , which can be regarded as the top in time in the end configuration ; vamps do not use synthetic leather or leather material , but chose FOAMPOSITE ( foam ) . FOAMPOSITE shoe molding technology that is able to provide good packages and support of basketball shoes, thereby improving overall stability. FOAMPOSITE of * crab * and other shoes , which requires a similar metal device like that , with mold forming, which is its easier than leather uppers reasons for design expression . In addition, the shoes also used the boots DYNAMIC-FITINNERSLEEVE and parcel of a strong sense of the foot in the shoe does not come loose . Following AIR FOAMPOSITE ONE, are beginning to use many of the top sneakers boots such as "Wind " series, "Iron " , Scottie Pippen and other second-generation three generations . Herringbone pattern outsole grip is strong, transparent soles full of charm and modern , but with the trapeze 11th generation , as there is an obvious problem with this oxidative yellowing soles , even after improvements still can not be avoided. A shoe collector Taiwan received these shoes have described : "This shoes on earth is ruined , to get the space to wear it, certainly not the sole yellowing ...... " This is perhaps a lot of it is called "Space shoes" reasons for it. The origin of the bubble jet and then, " spray" or " bubble" is how the name come from? This is in close contact with the relevant AIRFOAMPOSITE ONE and Hardaway . Since FOAMPOSITE pronunciation is difficult , so we used to use Hardaway 's nickname "Penny " instead , and the Orlando Magic with blue AIR FOAMPOSITE ONE is called a " blue penny ." Over time, the "blue spray " and "blue bubble" alias spread like wildfire . Another feature of the AIR FOAMPOSITE ONE is: the whole shoe lace holes near the front only a small Gogo ; heel close to the ankle where there are clear " ( Penny ) PENNY" logo, soles as well. The star effect on the shoes do so directly , that was rare at the time . However , due to the high cost of new technology , the price Cheap nike FOAMPOSITE online listed at up to 1800 yuan ! Expensive price so many people stay away. But now it seems , wants to buy a pair with the 1800 original "blue spray" , it is really " nonsense " the. Like many classic style , "blue spray" had also been engraved , engraved version but there are a lot higher than the original discrepancy : Cancel the "PENNY" signs on both sides and soles of the re-emergence of the Nike tick . Perhaps the difference is and the original design is too large , engraved version after the launch has not been recognized by the people in the short term . A lot of people because of "Penny" love these shoes , but could not find the engraved version of the original trace of feeling ( the engraved version of the launch time, " Penny" are popular because of injuries dropped rapidly , so Nike Cancel the planned launch of a signature shoe for him , this put the hook again moved out ) , how many pennies fans felt a trace of regret . Like a pair of shoes , not necessarily because of how beautiful its shape, how good performance, some players would sometimes just because he is in love . However , AIR FOAMPOSITE ONE itself is a perfect product : "blue spray" and "Penny " is not in any party accessories ...... "love to sneak into a deep blue , deep in the heart swing ...... " the melodious song , as if they saw the magic wearing jersey No. 1, " penny" , his hands clutching the ball after the dunk baskets, blue AIR FOAMPOSITE ONE, with his legs in front of shaking. The cross represents the Foamposite ** era futuristic shoes back. Foamposite was initially offered in 1997 , and only a named "Foamposite One", is PennyHardaway signature shoes. And its successor version "Foamposite Pro" represents the vertex of sale shoes production process. It consists of a large, wrap the part extending from the soles of the feet to the side portion of the carbon fiber in the palm of the support plate , a whole palm Zoom Air sole unit of Nike Foamposite technology and unique composition. (Foamposite by the injection molded polyurethane , its characteristics are strong, but there are some hard , you can create an integrated body of the shoe . ) Jet and bubble design concepts and cultural essence FoampositePro and Foamposite One in the sole design different . FoampositePro changed Foamposite One transparent soles, becomes a dark gray sole real . Strong and flexible features make Foamposite become very unique and attractive. Unlike other traditional leather or synthetic fabrics produced using shoe uppers , Foamposite though does not have the tensile properties , but the special nature of its materials can change the shape of shoes , so technology -based Foamposite shoes appearance more in line with the wearer's foot type . If your foot is wide, probably the first time wearing a Foamposite Pro will feel uncomfortable, my advice is to wear a few times , so that the shoes to fit your foot , so you can feel Foamposite Pro 's comfortable feeling. Furthermore , an additional comfort factor Foamposite Pro is that it uses a dynamic-fit elastic footwear full-length , and the internal elastic footwear and sneakers organic combination together. Flexible footwear in the number of filler just good , not only enhances the comfort Foamposite Pro , and also provides a good ankle support protection . A deficiency Foamposite technology is that it a little heavy , but FoampositePro almost the entire body of the shoe are using this material , so it is more than some of the traditional shoes to be heavier. But interestingly, despite Foamposite Pro with a lot more Foamposite material, but it does not seem to use Air Flightposite KG Foamposite material is less heavy , I do not know why this is. Foamposite Pro Foamposite material widely used in the production of the shoe body . But Foamposite Pro and not as a cover designed laces like other materials produced using Foamposite shoes . Sandwiched between the body of the shoe and the outsole is a full palm Zoom Air cushioning unit and a large carbon fiber palm support tray . Carbon fiber length and shape of the elastic tray design and Air Jordan XI carbon fiber support tray very similar. But when you first wore it may not in the habit of carbon plate in the palm arched position , but after wearing for some time, this will not accustomed to feeling superior shock absorption with the whole palm Zoom Air in but vanished. Foamposite Pro 's side show a strong visual impact. Carbon fiber support tray to help Foamposite Pro has become a pair of shoes with a high degree of stability . The unique characteristics of a combination of stability after the previous one Foamposite shoes are so Foamposite Pro For those who like quick cuts to the basket offensive player , its performance is very outstanding . Nike Air Foamposite One is a shoe fanatic fans all want to get the most classic basketball shoes. Its sapphire blue shoes are combined with translucent outsole is simply the world's most perfect product

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